Please review our Articles of Faith which highlights the doctrinal position of Calvary Baptist Church. The following are the actual practices at Calvary Baptist Church in regards to church leadership and administration. You can read our detailed Church Constitution.

  • Church officers are nominated by the congregation and are elected annually.
  • The Chairman of the Deacons is chosen from among the deacons annually.
  • Church budgets are developed by pastors /deacons / treasurer with inputs from ministry heads.
  • Church budget is reviewed and approved by the congregation at an annual business meeting.
  • Monthly financial reports are reviewed by pastors and deacons. (These are available to members)
  • Quarterly financial reports are reviewed by the congregation at business meetings. Reports are distributed to all meeting attendees. These reports show the exact amount expensed in each of the 70+ accounts for which funds had been budgeted. Hard copies are placed in the church foyer for others to peruse and keep.
  • Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Order is strictly observed during business meetings.
  • Meetings are chaired by either the senior pastor or the chairman of the deacon, depending on the topic.
  • Meeting minutes are kept and read each meeting by the church secretary.
  • Quarterly reports are available to church visitors upon request. Please see a deacon or the treasurer, and they will provide you with the latest copy.
  • Treasurer’s disbursement functions are separated from the Financial Secretary’s (income tabulation) function.
  • Check signature authority lies in the hands of the treasurer. The chairman of the deacons is the backup person.

It is our endeavor to be above board in all our administrative functions. The financial reports are open to all. A biblical relationship exists among the pastors and deacons in which the pastors are able to exhibit spiritual guidance and leadership oversight over all church functions. We always try to honor the Lord by doing all things decently and in order. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.